Friday 28 December 2018

New book from Andy McConnell: The Decanter, Ancient to Modern

Andy McConnell, who almost everyone will know as the glass expert from the Antiques Roadshow BBC TV programme, has published a massive, revised and updated version of his decanter book.

The Decanter, Ancient to Modern by Andy McConnell, published in 2018. On sale now on eBay (and you can request signed copies if you want.)

This encyclopedic new edition of  The Decanter, the result of nearly 20 years research, is the most approachable history of fine glassmaking ever published.

In presenting the subject across a broad timescale - spanning ancient Mesopotamia to the modern day, The Decanter explores the history of glassmaking from a decanter perspective. The engaging, accessible text explores the stylistic and technical evolution of fine glassmaking alongside its influences and social uses.

The book comprises full-colour 544 pages, 165,000 words and 2,650 images that illustrate over 3,500 examples. The images have been drawn from a stock of 10,000s, from institutions and private collections.

Andy McConnell is a British journalist specialising in antique and vintage glassware. He is the author of  The Decanter, An Illustrated History of Glass [2004] and 20th Century Glass [2006]. He has also been the Antique Roadshow's glass specialist since 2005.