Monday, 28 December 2009

New book about Scotland's Glass

In 2010, 400 years of glassmaking is being celebrated in Scotland with a whole year of events. Just published is a new book celebrating those 400 years, written by Shiona Airlie and Brian Blench, and entitled Scotland's Glass 400 Years of Glassmaking, 1610-2010, it's published by Cortex Design and can be bought from their website for a very reasonable £14.99. The book is large-format (280mm x 210mm), approx. 77pp, full-colour, printed on quality art paper and is fully illustrated with over 200 full-colour photographs.

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Sunday, 19 July 2009

BHGM Consultation plan published

Updated with the latest on the Feasibility Study and you can follow the campaign here:

Thursday, 18 June 2009

Linda Waltho, MP, raises Broadfield House in Parliament

Watch Linda Waltho speak. followed by the Minister for Museums, Barbara Follett's response here: (starts at time 07:16:00 ends 07:49:17)

Well done to Linda for expressing the concerns not just of her constituents, but also of us glass enthusiasts wherever we may be. Let's hope that the commitment which Barbara Follett appears to have to keeping the collection intact and on display is borne out by reality, and that Dudley MBC take note that the eyes of voters in the borough and beyond are watching them, and that they do the right thing by the collection.

Read the Official Save the Museum blogspot

I just found that the campaign has its own blogspot, so please do go see what it say there too.

Supporting the campaign against closure of the Broadfield House Glass Museum

Mooching around the net (as you do!) I found all sorts of people who are supporting the campaign to save the Broadfield House Glass Museum, so thought I'd add links to some of their pages to my blog too...

Friends of Broadfield House (join and strengthen the voice of the Friends):

Judith Miller of Miller's Collectables and the Antiques Roadshow:

Liz Lynne, MEP:

Adam Aaronson, internationally-renowned glassmaker:

Cambridge Glass Fair:

David Hier over at Artsablaze:

Mark Hill, of Miller's Collectables and the Antiques Roadshow:

The Glass Association:

National Glass Collectors Fair:

The Glass Circle:

Broadfield House Glass Museum closure - the fight goes on

Back in January the local council at Dudley in the West Midlands announced they wanted to close the world-famous Broadfield House Glass Museum by March 2010. This despite the fact that BHGM is one of the top-rated glass museums in the world, never mind in England.

Glass lovers everywhere (me included!) were motivated to fight the closure plans, and the fight goes on. It's moving from the realms of Dudley, where the council never seem to listen, to the halls of Government where Linda Waltho, MP, will raise an Adjournment Debate later today (June 18th) in the House of Commons. Barbara Follett will be the Minister replying to Lynda on Thursday so if she were to receive letters/emails from other MPs or Museum supporters that would help the campaign.

Photo courtesy of The Friends of Broadfield House Glass Museum