Sunday, 9 January 2011

Cards in poor taste

ETSY, the online hand-made craft market place, is under attack from members who are understandably upset at cards offered for sale by one member there. The cards feature messages congratulating victims of abuse, those diagnosed with illnesses such as AIDS or breast cancer, or who have children will special needs such as Downs Syndrome.

To say the cards are in poor taste is an under-statement. They probably also breach ETSY's own rules, but ETSY's attention needs to be drawn to the problem. The unhappy members (and yes, I'm amongst them!) have a Facebook group here: for anyone on Facebook who wants to add their support to the cause; and have created an online e-petition calling for everyone to boycott ETSY marketplace whilst the offending seller is allowed to sell these cards. You can find the petition here: Please sign it and support the campaign.