Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Glass Messages Board: Migration

Glass Messages Board: 

Please note that we are doing a server migration on 30/9/2014 - 1/10/2014 so you will not be able to reach the board for around 4 hours from midnight GMT.

Please bookmark this blog post as it will carry any updates to the process.

GMB Tech Support Manager

Update #1:
There appears to be an issue with the migration - please don't panic - we have a database backup from just before the process began...   I'm leaving things until the engineers have completed their tasks before I deal with the errors.

Update #2: 
Well, after the engineers have finished, all the sites work EXCEPT the GMB, which is interesting. I'm poking the server with a stick to see why not...  watch this space!

Update #3:
There are still issues with the new server setup which the hosting company are attempting to resolve. This may take a wee bit of time, so please be patient. The board will be back as soon as possible.

Update #4:
The board is back online. If anyone experiences any oddities please flag them up via Report to Moderator or by emailing me directly.  Now for some sleep! :)