Saturday, 19 June 2010

Broadfield House Glass Museum

My dearly beloved and I finally managed to get to Broadfield House Glass Museum in May and it was well-worth the trip! What a fantastic collection of glass from through the ages right up to stunning contemporary work.

The current exhibition is Take 30 where thirty leading glass artists, all of whom have had connections with the Museum during its thirty-year history, have been invited to exhibit their work, including a great selection of contemporary pieces by our favourite glassmakers Adam Aaronson and Allister Malcolm.

Having explored Take 30, we set off round the rest of the displays and were just blown away by the glass we saw.

From everyday pressed-glass items like we own, to rare handmade pieces from the 18th and 19th centuries, we ooohed and ahhhed over them all.

The fabulous ewer above was one of my favourite pieces - how much would I like to have that in my possession?!

We spent a couple of happy hours exploring, enjoyed a cuppa and a chat with one of the Friends "manning" (or should that be "womanning"?) the tea bar, and another with the helpful friendly folks on the desk. All-in-all it was a great visit and we loved going.

My dearly beloved now says he realises why the glass community is so determined to keep the Museum open: it won't close whilst he lives, he said. I can just picture him lying in protest across the doors to prevent closure!!!

So, if you've not been then go, you won't regret it! And whilst you're at it, why not join the Friends of Broadfield House - every new member is more power to their elbow! :)