Thursday, 3 November 2011

Gift Idea: Glass website subscriptions

Christmas is coming and we're all wondering what to buy for Christmas... some of us have friends who really enjoy the research side of glass collecting, so how about buying them a gift subscription to one of Frank Andrew's amazing glass websites?

Frank runs the Glass Zoo, where he collects info and photos of all sorts of animals and figures made from glass; and he also runs the Glass Study, where he is digitising and sharing a huge amount of material from his own and other collections. The material includes catalogues, articles, advertisements and much much more and a subscription gives you unlimited access for the period of the subscription.

Subscriptions for the Glass Zoo are just €10 for 2 years, whilst the Glass Study is a little more at €30 per year, but both are far outweighed by access to some of the most amazing glass information available online.

And the collection is growing all the time, so you actually get more for your money as the year passes... you can't say the same about a box of chocolates now, can you?!