Saturday, 4 June 2011

Jubilee People's Millions and Burton Memorial Hall - will you help please?

A plea for help! Burton Memorial Hall in Burton-in-Kendal, south Cumbria, is 1 of the final 6 projects in the 2011 Jubilee People's Millions contest in the Border TV region. The contest will be determined by public telephone vote on Tuesday 28 June 2011 - the Hall is going head to head with another project in the north west of Cumbria - and the project with the most telephone votes on the day will win.

I'm asking for your support for the Hall's entry Kosy Komfy Kidz by voting for us on the day and by spreading the word through your contacts and networks to ask for others to support them too. All it takes is one call any-time between 9am and 12 midnight, to the number which will be published on the JPM web-page here: and in the Daily Mirror on Tuesday 28 June 2011, at a cost of 11p per call. Every vote for the project will be vital and anyone can vote (up to 10 times from the same number if you'd like to!), you don't need to be local to south Cumbria or even the Border TV area!

The Hall is vital to the village of Burton-in-Kendal, it really is a community hub and is busy every day of the week with activities for all ages and interests, but Burton is only a small community and we are up against a much larger community on voting day, so we're feeling a bit like David against Goliath. If you can help us by voting just once on the day you would be doing us a great service and earn the gratitude of all those involved in the project. Please help us if you can and spread the word to anyone and everyone who might help us also. Thank you!

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